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 RULES Membership Request

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PostSubject: RULES Membership Request   Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:41 pm

Before you make your request to be a member of UCoA'S, is better know our guidelines/rules that we use inside of our Group of Alliances.
And this way, you can by yourself decide if this alliance will fit your gaming style.

The Capital of any member of U.P.T needs to be a cropper (9c or 15c).
Like we don't are a Sim City Alliance, the creation of troops have priority.
This rule will just be applied after the member reach 5 cities.
This mean that one member with 5 villages need to have already one cropper to be his capital.

All members need to get croppers (9c or 15c), the offensive or defensive style of the troops
will never permit that members focus in no croppers villages.
The minimum of croppers each member need to have is 1/3 of total villages.
Members that can get more than this, better....

U.P.T is one warrior alliance, all members need to be focus in high amounts of troops,
and need inform the alliance of the style of troop that will take: defensive or offensive.


Be inactive
In UCoA, we have six reasons to consider someone inactive:

Yellow Dots
Members that get yellow dot will be warned. 3 warnings in short time, means be kicked.
(Rule will not be directly applied to members that give a good reason for it, or advise before get yellow)

Red Dots
Members that get red dot will be kicked without a warning.
(Rule will not be directly applied to members that advise before get red)

Low Tax of Growth
UCoA will have (always that the time permits) a Table referring to the Tax of Growth of all members,
all members with a very small growth, that don't follow our standards will be warned.
3 consecutive warnings, means be kicked.

Low number of troops
Leadership Members of U.P.T will occasionally sit account of members,
members with low number of troops will be warned.
3 warnings means be kicked.

No response to high rank messages
Several times the Leadership Members of U.P.T will send MM requesting the participation of members in direct replies, or at forums.
Those that repeatedly fail such cooperation, will be simple kicked without a warning.

Lack of participation in group events
Occasionally U.P.T Leadership will request help of all members in offensive, defensive and resources matters.
Those that often fail such cooperation, will be warned. If the lack of participation in such events continue, members will be kicked.


If after all this, you still believe, that you can stay in U.P.T, and do complete all your obligations for the best of you and U.P.T.
So you are welcome to make your Membership Request.
Please see the next post, to know how to do it.
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RULES Membership Request
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